About Our Organization

The Love and Empowerment Foundation was incorporated in 2004, as a religious non-profit corporation, in the State of Oregon, USA. This organization complies with the United States Internal Revenue Service Statute 501(c)3. Our organization is funded through donations and tuitions for online courses and spiritual work. A copy of the Love and Empowerment Foundation's Constitution and Bylaws is available upon request (in English only).


Our Board of Directors

Eva Breiteig, Co-Founder; Laura Jay, President; Paulette Harris, Secretary; Stefanie Born, Treasurer


Our Board of Elders

Eva Breiteig, Co-Founder and Clergy; Laura Jay, English Language Facilitator; Ralf Walter, German Language Facilitator; Martine Maillet, French Language Facilitator; Ana Patricia Lopez Navarro, Spanish Language Facilitator; Paulette Harris, Clergy.




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