Reniyah Wolf  1951-2014




Reniyah Wolf left this Earth on October 26, 2014 in Portland, Oregon.

Reniyah’s philosophy was that facing and overcoming fears promoted self-empowerment, opening the

possibility to choose the path of change. She gave us a new definition of Love: "Love is the absence of fear."


A visionary, Reniyah felt that by guiding others to evolve in consciousness, they become catalysts for the

collective alchemy of humanity. Reniyah believed that evolving in consciousness was a way to join the Above

and Below in what she called Divine Alchemy.


Reniyah encouraged others to seek truth within rather than looking to outside sources. By doing so, the

Intelligence of the Heart and discernment of the perennial wisdom is developed.


Reniyah personified grace and love and purity of spirit, and we miss her.


Lovingly submitted,


Paulette Dager-Harris






In Memoriam With Love


Beloved Reniyah was a Divine Example, a Divine Alchemist and a Divine Human on Earth. She was also one of

the kindest people I knew on Earth. Reniyah was a generous and beautiful soul that loved unconditionally and

her heart was wide open and filled with only love, joy and peace. She embodied Love, Light and Grace and was

a Divine Mother and a Divine Feminine lady, I am blessed and grateful for having known her. Her love, light and

grace and wisdom continues to go on and also continues to shine down on Earth as she is in Heaven. I

celebrate her life and will miss her dearly. Love and hugs to you in Heaven, Reniyah. <3


Love, Light and Grace,

Jeanette Farnell





We had the deep, deep privilege and divine honor to know and co-create with Reniyah ~ an incredibly wise,

wondrous, courageous, expansive being of boundless Love and Light. Her amazing and magnificent gifts and

contributions to this plane, this Earth, have written divine templates in the new Book of Life. She changed the

course of humanity and infused a depth of Love unprecedented for this now.  She continues to shine her

Radiant Light from the highest realm.


Beloved Reniyah, with the deepest gratitude and appreciation for all you are ~ for being here and joining

Heaven and Earth. Your divine service is immeasurable. You ARE a Divine Alchemist Extraordinaire.


You are and will be forever LOVED and HONORED.

~Laura Moebus Jay







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