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In 2004, the Archangel Metatron, through his co-creators here at Love and Empowerment, did the unthinkable, according to most humans, anyway. He offered a group alchemy working about the subject of "money." That group alchemy working was titled Cracking the Money Bands.


The premise behind this title: the vast majority of humans are held in consciousness-bondage to the collective thoughtforms of "money." These "money bands" effectively put a strangle-hold on the potentials of human evolution to higher ways of living. If humanity is to evolve, the bands and the conscious-bondage must be broken, or "cracked." The thoughtforms around "money" must be changed.


The purpose of group alchemy work, as facilitated by Metatron, is to catalyze the human collective alchemy by catalyzing a group of individuals. And so it was with the Cracking the Money Bands group alchemy. When Metatron announced the group alchemy work, he said he would only do it once. The Cracking the Money Bands group alchemy attracted 700 participants from all over the world, and was facilitated in German as well as English. The nine messages that Metatron gave in conjunction with this group alchemy were compiled into one document and made available to the world through our website, also translated into Spanish, Italian and French.


The nine Cracking the Money Bands messages contain a great deal more information than may initially be evident. The ability to "apply in life" any such information about conscious reality creation is always another matter, as well. It is inspiring and empowering to read, but quite a bit more difficult to live. For those of us on a truly spiritual path, there is always the question of "spirituality and money" to consider.


In the years since the one and only Cracking the Money Bands group alchemy, we at Love and Empowerment have gained a much greater understanding of the messages themselves and how to apply them in life, We would love to share that understanding with you in Cracking the Money Bands - The Online Course.


The course will be the first self study course to be presented in Love and Empowerment's new online academy.



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