In 1997, Archangel Michael gave to Reniyah Wolf the future name of this organization, Love and Empowerment, and a logo - a heart with wings and a sword rising up above the heart.


In February, 2002, the Archangel Metatron charged the founders of this organization, Reniyah Wolf of the United States and Eva Breiteig of Norway, to do two things:


1) to "Go forth into your world and BE Love;"


2) "to build my Temple upon the Earth"


Since that time, our organization has been dedicated to the two objectives which constitute the fulfillment of the charge. This has proved to be highly challenging but richly rewarding work which has included keeping our frequencies free from corruption and at the highest level sustainable by the human collective consciousness.


Love and Empowerment has maintained a continuous presence on the worldwide web since 2001, and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Oregon, USA in February, 2004.


In the beginning, we considered ourselves to be "lightworkers," supporting the ascension of humanity into a higher level of frequency. As we continued to evolve, "under the auspices" of the Archangel Metatron, it became clear to us that our work wasn't like anything else around. It is born of the next level of human evolution, and lies at the crossroads of many paths, old and new, which are in the process of converging together in a place called unity consciousness.


We are divine alchemists and we have anchored a frequency, the wavelength of Metatron, establishing a "field of grace," a space where love grows and fear goes away. What lies beyond the front door of our energetic space is a place of safety and clarity in cyberspace where people can come to be lifted up, inspired and renewed for the next leg of the journey. If one wants to open another door, there is study and personal and group alchemy where one can acquire the correct knowledge and skills to navigate these difficult times, based on the Ageless Wisdom and the principles of Alchemy. In our inner sanctum those who are truly dedicated to completing The Great Work may be assisted.


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